Brand Revolution: Rethinking Brand Identity

Product Management
Brand Revolution goes against the traditional approaches to brand management, and shows the need for a radical shift in the way we think about marketing. It puts into practice an original method developed over years of consulting with some of Europe's top luxury brands, as well as the author's experience teaching business and marketing to students and professionals in Europe, the UK, and the United States. Classical marketing sees a brand as an attempt to express a set of core values. This conventional approach fails to grasp that the content of these core values does not (and indeed cannot) define a brand's identity. Instead, the identity of a brand is something which is affected by the relationship with the consumer, the end user, and is constantly in flux. Organizations need to know how to react to changes in their reputation to manage their brand identity. Drawing on communication theory, which uses identity as a function and result of relationships, Brand Revolution begins with an in-depth exploration of the concept of identity, and then applies this new understanding to marketing and brands. It offers a critical yet constructive new method, the "fingerprinting method," for analyzing brands and helping them grow and change in a constantly evolving market.With big brand case studies such as L'Oreal and Jaguar, the author draws on her extensive experience as a brand and marketing consultant for international organizations to put together this highly engaging and practical book for developing, improving, and controlling the identity of your brand.

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